Sunday, November 14, 2010

Almost done

I'm feeling bitter sweet about the semester coming to an end. I only have this week, the week of Thanksgiving break, two more weeks of classes, and my last week of finals. After that is Christmas break, and then starting in January I'll be student teaching somewhere. I still don't know where. I'm really excited about moving on with my life with student teaching and all... I'm just so sad to see my time at GSC fly by. It's almost gone.

I'm going to miss my friends. Period. I can't describe how much I'll miss the people, the fun times, and I'm going to thrive off the memories.


So I wrecked my neon. :( I was sad.
But I got a new (different, that is) car!
It's a 2003 Atlantic Pearl Blue dodge neon (5spd). His name is Sly Deeps. I like him. But I miss Keagan. :(

That is all for now. I can't think of anything more to write.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Punkins and such...

So these are the punkins that Seth and I carved last weekend. They are hideously frightening... no? I think so :)

< His

We had a lot of fun.
He is a lot of fun.
I love him very much :)

< Mine

So things have been pretty good lately. Seth finished his training at Presley Ridge and now he's working there. That's where he his now. Workin' with the kiddos. He doesn't like it very much right now, but he's only been "working" for 3 or 4 days now. He'll get used to it I'm sure.

< His

I really am enjoying school right now. I just got my placement for education 412, which is 40 observation hours and a some teaching experience. I'll be doing that at Gilmer Co. High, which is GREAT because it will only take me five minutes to get there (VS Calhoun which took at least 45 min.) Very excited about that!

< Mine and Seth in the background :)

So I started something new. Its called INSANITY. It is a workout program, if you've never heard of it. I personally like it a lot more than P90X because there are no weights and I actually feel like I've accomplished something when I finish it every day.

< My little Punkin!

It works you SO hard and you feel it in your core when you're done. It is not easy... do not be fooled. It is harder than P90X for sure, but it is SO worth it if you want to lose weight, which I do, and I will. I'm excited to see some results :)

What else is new...

Oh, my sister and I are both running for Homecoming Queen this year. I think that's pretty snazzy. It would be a pretty cool year for Andi and I both if we both won, but it's cool enough that we are both running. I ran at WCCS my senior year, but knew I wouldn't win. I think Andi has a pretty good chance of winning at high school. She's popular and pretty. I don't know about me at GSC though. FCA nominated me and all I know is that it will be fun!!! I'm going to hand out candy and all that jazz...

So I think that's about it for me...
I'm feeling tired. It's about bed time. Class at 8am.

Friday, September 17, 2010

A month later

My oh my! It's been almost a month since I last posted. NOT GOOD!

A lot has happened! I have a good three week start into my senior year of college now. I'm loving my classes. My schedule is sooo light (for now, until I get my field observation placements) and I find myself with lots of free time. I don't know what to do with myself!!

Seth got a job at Pressely Ridge in Clarksburg. He just finished a week of training and he starts on Monday, so that's exciting. I think anytime someone gets a new, fresh change of pace it makes life a little more exciting. I'm just really glad that Seth's adapting well to the new environment! He made friends out of his new co-workers, which is important! He seems to like the things he was trained to do, and I am so glad about that. I was so worried that he would hate training and he would hate this job, but as of right now things seem to be looking pretty good! I think there is a lot of opportunity awaiting Seth.

But what about me?? Well, the banjo playing is coming along QUITE nicely, if I do say so myself. Buddy taped our last rehearsal and I got to hear myself play and sing. It was a good confidence booster.

What else... I was nominated for Homecoming queen this year! That's exciting!! I feel like I am definitely making the most out of this last semester here in G-ville.

We had a TORNADO come through Gilmer County yesterday!! We obviously are fine. But we all got really excited for a little bit! Then when we really realized we were in no immediate danger, it wasn't fun anymore... lol

I read Moby Dick. Period. That's all that needs to be said. Except... I am so glad it's over!! I still have to read a few more criticisms about the book and two Mondays from now I have to write an in-class paper on the book... I have no idea what I have to write about yet, and that makes me nervous!

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I turn 22!!! Last year at this time I celebrated with my (not-at-the-time) boyfriend and Mallory and went to Mo-town to get tat'd up!! Here's a recent picture! It still looks so good and I absolutely love it!

Nothing crazy like that for me this year! LOL, I accidentally scheduled myself to work this weekend so I can't really go anywhere anyway even if I wanted to...

Right now I'm just feeling extremely happy and blessed by God. That's all that really matters anyway :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ready to start

Tomorrow is Sunday. I'm ready to get this week started. I just want to get started.. and get finished. But I want to enjoy my time in between then and now.

I just want to finish so I can marry my shweetie pie. I love Seth Daniel Canfield.

Not much to say. Not a lot has happened. I'm moved into Goodwin Hall, the new Residence Hall. It's small, but I like it a LOT more than I thought I would :)

So those are pictures of the room and bathroom w/out any of my stuff.... I'll get some other pics later...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stressed... but excited

I'm stressed, but I'm very excited for the semester to get started.

I'm stressed about Seth finding a job. He's been very busy with interviews and phone calls lately. I just hope he gets something good soon. Waiting has been stressful, and the events that have preceded the past couple of days make things even more stressful.

Seth was supposed to have a phone interview with Salem International University last Saturday at 11. Eleven came and went with no phone call :( Seth emailed the college and politely asked why he wasn't contacted. We were very upset. We both thought Salem stood him up. We were angry and upset and confused. Someone finally got back to him yesterday and apologized about not contacting him. She had a family emergency and had to leave town. That's totally understandable. So they rescheduled the phone interview for 1pm today. He said it went well, so I guess he'll find out later this week if he gets a campus interview. He said on the phone Salem wants to hire somebody by Friday. I'm really trying not to get my hopes up.

Tomorrow at 11am Seth interviews at Presley Ridge in Clarksburg. We're almost positive he'll get a job there, if nowhere else. I'm praying that Salem will contact him before Thursday and he can schedule an on campus interview for Thursday, or maybe Friday. But Friday Seth has an interview in Ripley for a case manager job.

I'm also stressed out because of how crazy life has been these past couple of days trying to get Goodwin Hall ready. Tomorrow the Fire Marshall will come and finally approve the building for people to move in, and then the RAs will be able to move in after 6pm. Tomorrow we also have to label furniture and do RCFs (actually, that might be Thursday... I just don't know anymore lol) And then THURSDAY is the graaaannndd opening for Goodwin Hall. All the RAs have to be there to help show people around and stuff like that. Friday is move in day.... THAT is going to be hectic.... Uuuhhghh.
I don't wanna get into it, but from tomorrow night on, we're going to be busy from 9-9, at least. SO MUCH TO DO!!!

I'm also excited, because I'm having SO MUCH FUN right now with my friends. I'm trying to enjoy as much as I can right now because its my last semester here. This is the end. And that is sad, but I have learned so much already and had so much fun.... It will be a good ending...

Speaking of good ending... now seems like a good time :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

RA training

RA training started yesterday...

I've had a LOT of fun so far. Most of the RAs are returnees: Brooke, Sarah, Sean, Alyssa, Katrina, Trae, Marlon, Andrew "Deezy", Brandi Phillips, Carrie Harpold, Darold Hughes, and Jimbob Howes... but we have a few new ones too! ... Joe Evans, Josh Tallman, Jessi Currence, and Eric Cheeseman. Everyone's a blast so far, and Angelina has fit in with everyone perfectly.

I'm already quite worn out, but I'm expecting to be even more worn out by the end of training.

I got to see my new room in Goodwin Hall. It is VERY small. I couldn't BELIEVE how small it was :( :( It's a lot like a walk in closet. I'm pissed about it really. I feel cheated by the school, and by the people I work for!! I'm going to have to take more stuff home. I don't have enough room for anything.

That's all for now. I'll post pictures of my new room as soon as I get over there. It should be the 18th or 19th...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Still waiting

Seth didn't get the job at UC. I was very disappointed. Not as disappointed as he was, though. You can imagine. He makes me proud though, because he's not giving up. A lot of lazy, good for nothing people would just hang up their hat and say, "I can't do it." But not my Seth. He's still trying. He's a busy-bee right now applying for jobs at places like Presley Ridge as a counselor for troubled teens, and federal prisons as a correctional officer. As of this morning he's applied for three prison jobs and two counselor-type jobs. He has an interview Aug. 18th for Presley Ridge! That's exciting. What would be even more exciting is if he can deny the benefits and get paid more than what they offer. He's still on his parents insurance so he doesn't need that. Presley Ridge doesn't pay that well, but if he could forgo the insurance and get paid a little extra, that would be fine and dandy!

I'm also a little busy-bee right now! I just started a new blog. It's called SelahThinkOnThis. It's basically all the short blurbs I've written/will continue writing that I hope to combine into a book and have published someday. Check it out.

I'm also a little busy-bee because students have been checking back into the Residence Halls, starting last week. Today has been extra busy, though. I've had to put down my laptop several times to go check out/in a student. Some of the students are Cheerleaders or football players that will be living in Pickens this semester, but some of them are moving into Pickens temporarily until we can get them moved into Goodwin Hall. They aren't happy about having to move into the un-air conditioned side of Pickens for a week and a half. BOO! I wouldn't be either!

I just had to move all my stuff off of the 1st floor alllllll the way to the 6th floor, temporarily, until I can move my stuff into my new room in Goodwin. But that SUCKED. Let me tell ya. I am NOT looking forward to moving again in a week and a half. I'm leaving most of my clothes packed. Everything is staying in boxes until I get it moved into my new room in Goodwin Hall.

That's about it for now. I'm going to go work on my other blog now and make it pretty!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

So yesterday Seth, Adam, Briana, and I went to see "Dinner for Shmucks." It was THE funniest movie of the summer. We laughed (knee slapping, head tossed back, cackling, etc...) so hard throughout the whole thing. There wasn't a single minute where we were bored or though the plot lagged. It's a two-hour flick, but its mightily worth it :)

Seth finds out next week if he gets the position at UC. I can barely stand waiting anymore. But I know I'm supposed to "be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God." (PH4:6) That can be a little difficult, but I feel so confident that he got the job that I'm already thanking God that Seth got it! I think I'll be very disappointed if he doesn't get it, not only because he wants so badly to be employed, but also because I'm trusting God to supply this for Seth. I just really hope Seth can eventually see God working all of this out for him. I don't think he see's God working this out for him yet. I hope he realizes it after its all over. I'm praying more and more that God will making Himself obvious to Seth throughout this process. I want Seth to trust God and to rely on Him for everything he's worried about. I love Seth.

If Seth gets this job, then I instantly become an apartment decorator! YAY! I'm so excited to help him organize things, wherever he ends up living, and helping him get straightened up in new living quarters. I'm also excited to marry the boy and move in with him! :)

My kitten is almost a big boy cat now. Within the next two months he'll get his balls chopped off. He's so pretty! I love his orange and white colors... And he's so ferocious. After he gets fixed they say he'll calm down a lot, which will be nice, but I also really like his feisty behavior :)

That's all for now, I reckon. I'll post more later....


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Feeling Blah

I can't wait for the summer to be over. I didn't think I would ever say that because I'm really not looking forward to this semester. It is going to be the most difficult one yet. I have over 60 observation hours to complete, along with four video-taped lessons that I have to teach, and Dr. Zane's American Novel class. I haven't read any of the books yet, and that's my own fault, but it is summer time and I feel that I should have this time to relax. The books aren't that long and I will be able to get through them easily.

I am looking forward to this semester in some ways. It is my last semester as a live-in college student. The spring semester will be my student teaching (which I think will be lonely and possibly boring). I really have to make an effort to enjoy this semester! College has gone by SO fast. :( I never thought it was going to end, but now here it is. It's almost over.

This is one of my latest photos that I edited. It's my eye; I just did lots of crazy things to it. Some of them are tinted, on others I changed the eye color, and others I changed the eye color and added eye shadow and eye liner.

I still really love doing this to pictures. It's somewhat of a stress relief for me. I enjoy just sitting back and being creative with pictures and letting my creativity spew forth.

I've wanted to do a collage like this for quite some time. I finally found the right picture to do it with, and I'm very pleased with the results.

I've been really emotional lately, and I'm not sure if it's because my college life is coming to an end and I'm just stressed about that, or if I'm slipping back into a depression again. Some of my emotions make me think that my depression might be coming back, like how aware of my weight I am. When I'm not depressed, I don't think about that at all and the weight comes off easier. I was working so hard this summer to lose weight and I only lost 1 or 2 pounds, but gained them right back. It's really hard to try to lose weight in the summer when you don't have something to cook with! I really feel like when the semester starts back up I'll be able to lose the weight better. I'll be really busy (no time to just eat when I'm bored), the salad bar will always be available to eat, I have scheduled times to go to the gym during the week, and my motivation will be stronger.

I can understand that maybe my emotions are just from getting ready to exit the college scene, because that's a pretty emotional thing to go through. I hope that's all it is. I don't want to go back on that medication. It made my hair fall out. It did help me lose 5-7 pounds though. But still, I don't wanna go back on it. I don't wanna be dependent on it.

This year will be rough without Seth. I spent ALL my time with him last year. He's the best, the greatest, the most wonderfulest ever. I have my friends, of course, that I'll be spending time with, and I'm on the event planning committee this year, but just not having Seth there for me will be hard. I like going to give him a big hug after a hard day, and I am really REALLY going to miss eating all my meals with him :( :(

It will be ok though. I'll have a lot of fun even though he's not here, and I'll get to see him often. I just really hope he gets the job at UC. I realllllly feel like he's going to get it, I just wish they'd contact him soon. It is going to be really exciting for him, and for me!

I'm so ready for some parts of this next year, but very not ready for other parts......

Until next time,

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pretty excited for next week...

I'm pretty excited for next week. Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to eat lunch with my dad's extended family. After that is over I'm headin' to Clay to see my baby :) I'm planning on chillin' at his crib all day Monday; then on Tuesday Seth has an interview at the University of Charleston at 9am! So I'm going to go to the mall while he interviews. After he's done we're going back to my house and on Wednesday morning the whole family is getting up early to go to Kings Island til Thursday. Friday we'll come home, and I'm supposed to go to a wedding on Saturday, but the invitation never came :( So I don't know if I'll actually be going to that or not. It looks like a busy, but good, week ahead :)

What's on my brain:

I feel like I am never going to lose this weight; probably because I don't really NEED to lose it. I HATE the muffin-top look though. I still fit into my 7's, but the love-handles bunch out over the tops of my shorts... and FORGET low rise pants. I'm lookin' better in the bikini, but 10-15 pounds still need to come off.
My arms, legs, butt, and back are getting pretty toned though. Good ole GSC fitness center.... and when that's not available I suck it up and do a P90X video.
I've been doing the Ab Ripper like I'm supposed to - every other day. It's definitely getting easier. I still hate it though, but I wanna look good.

I'm really excited for Seth's interview on Tuesday. He's nervous but I KNOW he'll do great :) He has an outstanding personality and the interview will go just fine. I'd love for him to get this job because they would help pay for his Master's degree. That also means he doesn't have to start paying on his student loans for his under-grad quite yet. It also means he could afford an engagement ring sooner :)

I have this awesome new little kitty named Simba. He's a riot. The only problem is that he discovered the road today. I was taking Buddy, the dog, for a walk and I had barely even stepped out onto the road and Simba came running after us and jumped out into the road and crossed to the other side. I decided I didn't like any of that so I told Buddy to sit while I retrieved the cat. In the mean time, a little old lady started driving up, which worried me cause I hadn't caught the cat yet. Simba bounded up onto the road but I caught him. I waved a "I'm sorry!" look to the lady and she smiled and waved, but about that time Buddy decided he was tired of sitting in our yard, so he crossed the road too. So there I am, with a cat in one arm, trying to get the dog out of the road for the lady to get through. Whew... Stupid cat. It scared me. I love that little guy and I'd cry forever if he got run over.

Well, that's all that's really on my mind.... tata for now.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Some poems

Forget About Yesterday - A Sonnet

Dull light in the morning over the hills
gives you a chance to start over once more.
And hope lends strength for what your day wills.
You need not be worried of what is in store.
Yesterday was hard so your prayers for today
are blessings abundant, but dare not assume
an easy ride through. Life’s assorted bouquet
of events may cause your spirit to wilt or to bloom,
so keep your head high and try to withstand.
Never forget how to fight through the strife—
using all your might to grab hold with both hands.
Know this: So many important things in your life
happen when you least expect. Never give
away those moments that allow you to live.

What Makes Her Beautiful

It’s no doubt she looks good in a picture and the mirror agrees
that she’s America’s Next Top Model material. She seems to have it altogether,
but looks are deceiving. No one knows she starves herself into her size threes,
but that’s what makes her beautiful.

Her purse matches her shoes and she knows all the beauty tricks, but she has to steal
all these tips from her magazines. The only reason her lip gloss doesn’t smear
is because she frequently visits that reassuring mirror. She knows she isn’t real,
but that’s what makes her beautiful.

Relaying for life, studying hard, and donating to Goodwill were
never enough to impress the crowd. So she stopped using her best qualities--
her good sense of humor and genuine smile—because no one ever told her
that’s what makes her beautiful.

Explain to her that straight, white teeth don’t make her beautiful. Please show
her that she doesn’t need hair extensions and manicures. All she needs
is confidence, contentment, and a chance to be herself. She needs to know
that’s what makes her beautiful.

Monday, July 5, 2010

It has been over a year since my last post here and I don't even know where to start.

I think I'll just talk a little about what's happened since last year and try to keep this up as a journal-type blog.

May 2009 - Started growing "Vidalia," a marigold, in my window
May 09 - came home after finishing my sophomore year of college/couldn't find a job
Summer 09 - started talking to a boy (until Aug.) which was a waste of my time
Summer 09 - visited Mary Sue, helped out with a week of Engergy Express
Summer 09 - had to put my cat of 17 years, Sparkle, down
August 2009 - I became an RA at GSC where I made a lot of amazing new friends
August 09 - started my junior year of college
August 09 - started hanging out a lot with a really cool boy
August 09 - started gaining some weight :(
September 09 - On my birthday, the 18th, I got my first tattoo and my belly button pierced much to the disaproval of my parents/the cool boy went with me
September/October 09 - had a lot of fun with football season, friends, school, and watching a lot of flag football
October 09 - went to the Fright Farm in PA with friends and a cool boy
October 09 - "Vidalia" is now approximately 4 feet tall!
November 09 - achieved official boyfriend/girlfriend status with Seth Daniel Canfield on the 8th
December 09 - went to a Pittsburgh Steelers game with my boyfriend!
December 09 - Christmas happened/Seth met the whole family
December 09 - finsished out the semester
December 09 - "Vidalia" finally kicked the bucket...
January 2010 - Started the second semester of my junior year
January 10 - started working out in the gym again/did P90X irregularly
February 10 - had my first Valentine's Day with Seth at Cafe Cimino in Sutton, WV/It was a wonderful day!
March 10 - went to Disney in Orlando, Florida with Seth and his family for the week of Spring Break
April 10 - Went to the spring formal at GSC with Seth
May 10 - Seth graduated college and we celebrated 6 months on the 8th
May 10 - I finished my Junior year (and the best year) of college
May 10 - I got a new kitty and named him SIMBA!
June 10 - stayed at Glenville for the summer as an RA and took a summer class
June 10 - planted some daisies in Vidalia's old pot
June 10 - I had Lasik eye surgery!!! I see clearly now! :)
July 2010 - I am currently enjoying my summer, going back and forth from home to Glenville during the week, taking trips to Kings Island and Cedar Point with my boyfriend and family, and enjoying life completely.

I've been doing this Picnik thing on the interweb. I love it. It is a bunch of photo editing software and my mom got me the Premium settings for Christmas. I take my camera anytime I know I'll be outside and there will be good potential photos. My camera just broke on July 2nd.... during a fireworks show!! Boo! No pictures for me for awhile. Here's a few I've done in the past:

Seth is looking for a job. He has a phone interview on Wednesday for a Resident Director position at the Univ. of Charleston where he would work part-time and work on getting his Masters degree in Higher Education. I'm so proud of him!

I have one more Praxis test to take... English Content!! SCARY! I've done fine on all my others, but this one is tricky. I need to start studying. After I pass this Praxis I will make final preparations for my Student teaching semester in the spring and my graduation in May.

I'm trying to lose about 10-15 pounds. At the end of last May and during the summer I weighed 125. I weigh 140 now and I'm struggling to lose the weight because I guess its technically not weight that my body needs to lose. But it's a good thing for me because I've started eating very healthy and going to the gym regularly. I've lost 2 pounds but gained some weight in muscle. Mom says, "Don't be a slave to the scale, go by how your clothes fit." And she's right. I may weigh 145 but my clothes might fit like I weigh 137 due to muscle gain.

I stopped going to the tanning bed. I've just decided that it isn't good for my skin and I don't want to risk myself for cancer that way. I'll probably tan before my wedding and other special occasions, but not year-round. I still get plenty of sun from the literal sun anyway.
That's about it for now. More soon.