Wednesday, August 11, 2010

RA training

RA training started yesterday...

I've had a LOT of fun so far. Most of the RAs are returnees: Brooke, Sarah, Sean, Alyssa, Katrina, Trae, Marlon, Andrew "Deezy", Brandi Phillips, Carrie Harpold, Darold Hughes, and Jimbob Howes... but we have a few new ones too! ... Joe Evans, Josh Tallman, Jessi Currence, and Eric Cheeseman. Everyone's a blast so far, and Angelina has fit in with everyone perfectly.

I'm already quite worn out, but I'm expecting to be even more worn out by the end of training.

I got to see my new room in Goodwin Hall. It is VERY small. I couldn't BELIEVE how small it was :( :( It's a lot like a walk in closet. I'm pissed about it really. I feel cheated by the school, and by the people I work for!! I'm going to have to take more stuff home. I don't have enough room for anything.

That's all for now. I'll post pictures of my new room as soon as I get over there. It should be the 18th or 19th...

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