Monday, August 9, 2010

Still waiting

Seth didn't get the job at UC. I was very disappointed. Not as disappointed as he was, though. You can imagine. He makes me proud though, because he's not giving up. A lot of lazy, good for nothing people would just hang up their hat and say, "I can't do it." But not my Seth. He's still trying. He's a busy-bee right now applying for jobs at places like Presley Ridge as a counselor for troubled teens, and federal prisons as a correctional officer. As of this morning he's applied for three prison jobs and two counselor-type jobs. He has an interview Aug. 18th for Presley Ridge! That's exciting. What would be even more exciting is if he can deny the benefits and get paid more than what they offer. He's still on his parents insurance so he doesn't need that. Presley Ridge doesn't pay that well, but if he could forgo the insurance and get paid a little extra, that would be fine and dandy!

I'm also a little busy-bee right now! I just started a new blog. It's called SelahThinkOnThis. It's basically all the short blurbs I've written/will continue writing that I hope to combine into a book and have published someday. Check it out.

I'm also a little busy-bee because students have been checking back into the Residence Halls, starting last week. Today has been extra busy, though. I've had to put down my laptop several times to go check out/in a student. Some of the students are Cheerleaders or football players that will be living in Pickens this semester, but some of them are moving into Pickens temporarily until we can get them moved into Goodwin Hall. They aren't happy about having to move into the un-air conditioned side of Pickens for a week and a half. BOO! I wouldn't be either!

I just had to move all my stuff off of the 1st floor alllllll the way to the 6th floor, temporarily, until I can move my stuff into my new room in Goodwin. But that SUCKED. Let me tell ya. I am NOT looking forward to moving again in a week and a half. I'm leaving most of my clothes packed. Everything is staying in boxes until I get it moved into my new room in Goodwin Hall.

That's about it for now. I'm going to go work on my other blog now and make it pretty!

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