Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pretty excited for next week...

I'm pretty excited for next week. Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to eat lunch with my dad's extended family. After that is over I'm headin' to Clay to see my baby :) I'm planning on chillin' at his crib all day Monday; then on Tuesday Seth has an interview at the University of Charleston at 9am! So I'm going to go to the mall while he interviews. After he's done we're going back to my house and on Wednesday morning the whole family is getting up early to go to Kings Island til Thursday. Friday we'll come home, and I'm supposed to go to a wedding on Saturday, but the invitation never came :( So I don't know if I'll actually be going to that or not. It looks like a busy, but good, week ahead :)

What's on my brain:

I feel like I am never going to lose this weight; probably because I don't really NEED to lose it. I HATE the muffin-top look though. I still fit into my 7's, but the love-handles bunch out over the tops of my shorts... and FORGET low rise pants. I'm lookin' better in the bikini, but 10-15 pounds still need to come off.
My arms, legs, butt, and back are getting pretty toned though. Good ole GSC fitness center.... and when that's not available I suck it up and do a P90X video.
I've been doing the Ab Ripper like I'm supposed to - every other day. It's definitely getting easier. I still hate it though, but I wanna look good.

I'm really excited for Seth's interview on Tuesday. He's nervous but I KNOW he'll do great :) He has an outstanding personality and the interview will go just fine. I'd love for him to get this job because they would help pay for his Master's degree. That also means he doesn't have to start paying on his student loans for his under-grad quite yet. It also means he could afford an engagement ring sooner :)

I have this awesome new little kitty named Simba. He's a riot. The only problem is that he discovered the road today. I was taking Buddy, the dog, for a walk and I had barely even stepped out onto the road and Simba came running after us and jumped out into the road and crossed to the other side. I decided I didn't like any of that so I told Buddy to sit while I retrieved the cat. In the mean time, a little old lady started driving up, which worried me cause I hadn't caught the cat yet. Simba bounded up onto the road but I caught him. I waved a "I'm sorry!" look to the lady and she smiled and waved, but about that time Buddy decided he was tired of sitting in our yard, so he crossed the road too. So there I am, with a cat in one arm, trying to get the dog out of the road for the lady to get through. Whew... Stupid cat. It scared me. I love that little guy and I'd cry forever if he got run over.

Well, that's all that's really on my mind.... tata for now.

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