Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Some poems

Forget About Yesterday - A Sonnet

Dull light in the morning over the hills
gives you a chance to start over once more.
And hope lends strength for what your day wills.
You need not be worried of what is in store.
Yesterday was hard so your prayers for today
are blessings abundant, but dare not assume
an easy ride through. Life’s assorted bouquet
of events may cause your spirit to wilt or to bloom,
so keep your head high and try to withstand.
Never forget how to fight through the strife—
using all your might to grab hold with both hands.
Know this: So many important things in your life
happen when you least expect. Never give
away those moments that allow you to live.

What Makes Her Beautiful

It’s no doubt she looks good in a picture and the mirror agrees
that she’s America’s Next Top Model material. She seems to have it altogether,
but looks are deceiving. No one knows she starves herself into her size threes,
but that’s what makes her beautiful.

Her purse matches her shoes and she knows all the beauty tricks, but she has to steal
all these tips from her magazines. The only reason her lip gloss doesn’t smear
is because she frequently visits that reassuring mirror. She knows she isn’t real,
but that’s what makes her beautiful.

Relaying for life, studying hard, and donating to Goodwill were
never enough to impress the crowd. So she stopped using her best qualities--
her good sense of humor and genuine smile—because no one ever told her
that’s what makes her beautiful.

Explain to her that straight, white teeth don’t make her beautiful. Please show
her that she doesn’t need hair extensions and manicures. All she needs
is confidence, contentment, and a chance to be herself. She needs to know
that’s what makes her beautiful.

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