Monday, September 27, 2010

Punkins and such...

So these are the punkins that Seth and I carved last weekend. They are hideously frightening... no? I think so :)

< His

We had a lot of fun.
He is a lot of fun.
I love him very much :)

< Mine

So things have been pretty good lately. Seth finished his training at Presley Ridge and now he's working there. That's where he his now. Workin' with the kiddos. He doesn't like it very much right now, but he's only been "working" for 3 or 4 days now. He'll get used to it I'm sure.

< His

I really am enjoying school right now. I just got my placement for education 412, which is 40 observation hours and a some teaching experience. I'll be doing that at Gilmer Co. High, which is GREAT because it will only take me five minutes to get there (VS Calhoun which took at least 45 min.) Very excited about that!

< Mine and Seth in the background :)

So I started something new. Its called INSANITY. It is a workout program, if you've never heard of it. I personally like it a lot more than P90X because there are no weights and I actually feel like I've accomplished something when I finish it every day.

< My little Punkin!

It works you SO hard and you feel it in your core when you're done. It is not easy... do not be fooled. It is harder than P90X for sure, but it is SO worth it if you want to lose weight, which I do, and I will. I'm excited to see some results :)

What else is new...

Oh, my sister and I are both running for Homecoming Queen this year. I think that's pretty snazzy. It would be a pretty cool year for Andi and I both if we both won, but it's cool enough that we are both running. I ran at WCCS my senior year, but knew I wouldn't win. I think Andi has a pretty good chance of winning at high school. She's popular and pretty. I don't know about me at GSC though. FCA nominated me and all I know is that it will be fun!!! I'm going to hand out candy and all that jazz...

So I think that's about it for me...
I'm feeling tired. It's about bed time. Class at 8am.

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