Monday, July 5, 2010

It has been over a year since my last post here and I don't even know where to start.

I think I'll just talk a little about what's happened since last year and try to keep this up as a journal-type blog.

May 2009 - Started growing "Vidalia," a marigold, in my window
May 09 - came home after finishing my sophomore year of college/couldn't find a job
Summer 09 - started talking to a boy (until Aug.) which was a waste of my time
Summer 09 - visited Mary Sue, helped out with a week of Engergy Express
Summer 09 - had to put my cat of 17 years, Sparkle, down
August 2009 - I became an RA at GSC where I made a lot of amazing new friends
August 09 - started my junior year of college
August 09 - started hanging out a lot with a really cool boy
August 09 - started gaining some weight :(
September 09 - On my birthday, the 18th, I got my first tattoo and my belly button pierced much to the disaproval of my parents/the cool boy went with me
September/October 09 - had a lot of fun with football season, friends, school, and watching a lot of flag football
October 09 - went to the Fright Farm in PA with friends and a cool boy
October 09 - "Vidalia" is now approximately 4 feet tall!
November 09 - achieved official boyfriend/girlfriend status with Seth Daniel Canfield on the 8th
December 09 - went to a Pittsburgh Steelers game with my boyfriend!
December 09 - Christmas happened/Seth met the whole family
December 09 - finsished out the semester
December 09 - "Vidalia" finally kicked the bucket...
January 2010 - Started the second semester of my junior year
January 10 - started working out in the gym again/did P90X irregularly
February 10 - had my first Valentine's Day with Seth at Cafe Cimino in Sutton, WV/It was a wonderful day!
March 10 - went to Disney in Orlando, Florida with Seth and his family for the week of Spring Break
April 10 - Went to the spring formal at GSC with Seth
May 10 - Seth graduated college and we celebrated 6 months on the 8th
May 10 - I finished my Junior year (and the best year) of college
May 10 - I got a new kitty and named him SIMBA!
June 10 - stayed at Glenville for the summer as an RA and took a summer class
June 10 - planted some daisies in Vidalia's old pot
June 10 - I had Lasik eye surgery!!! I see clearly now! :)
July 2010 - I am currently enjoying my summer, going back and forth from home to Glenville during the week, taking trips to Kings Island and Cedar Point with my boyfriend and family, and enjoying life completely.

I've been doing this Picnik thing on the interweb. I love it. It is a bunch of photo editing software and my mom got me the Premium settings for Christmas. I take my camera anytime I know I'll be outside and there will be good potential photos. My camera just broke on July 2nd.... during a fireworks show!! Boo! No pictures for me for awhile. Here's a few I've done in the past:

Seth is looking for a job. He has a phone interview on Wednesday for a Resident Director position at the Univ. of Charleston where he would work part-time and work on getting his Masters degree in Higher Education. I'm so proud of him!

I have one more Praxis test to take... English Content!! SCARY! I've done fine on all my others, but this one is tricky. I need to start studying. After I pass this Praxis I will make final preparations for my Student teaching semester in the spring and my graduation in May.

I'm trying to lose about 10-15 pounds. At the end of last May and during the summer I weighed 125. I weigh 140 now and I'm struggling to lose the weight because I guess its technically not weight that my body needs to lose. But it's a good thing for me because I've started eating very healthy and going to the gym regularly. I've lost 2 pounds but gained some weight in muscle. Mom says, "Don't be a slave to the scale, go by how your clothes fit." And she's right. I may weigh 145 but my clothes might fit like I weigh 137 due to muscle gain.

I stopped going to the tanning bed. I've just decided that it isn't good for my skin and I don't want to risk myself for cancer that way. I'll probably tan before my wedding and other special occasions, but not year-round. I still get plenty of sun from the literal sun anyway.
That's about it for now. More soon.

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