Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm at home. I'm taking a break from cleaning my room and unpacking. I realized when I got home that I have way too much stuff. I needed to make room for the important things. I'm getting rid of stuff. I'm also getting rid of some of my fat clothes that I still have. I wanted to hang onto them in case I gained weight again, but I decided I'm not going to let myself gain weight. I will stay in the 6-8 range that I am in, and I will not buy a 9! I will not buy large shirts! I will buy only medium and small shirts.

My point is, my room is demolished. There is crap everywhere. I still have to unpack the van and my car. But I wanted to start by emptying my room to the best of my ability. So I'm taking a break.

Here's something fun. I'm going to learn to play the banjo this summer and hopefully I'll be able to be a part of the bluegrass band in the fall. I'm really excited to learn. I've wanted to play the banjo since I was 5 or so. Since I already play the guitar, my banjo instructor in the fall, Buddy, said it should be really easy for me to pick up. And I think that's great :)

He lent me a banjo for the summer and gave me a 498 page video e-book thingy for my computer. I absolutely cannot wait to start, but I really need to get all the other things in the world straightened up before I can actually sit down and not worry about having to do other things. I really want to focus hardcore and learn it.

I am finally registered for the summer Biology class at WVUP. It starts June 15 and ends July 9. The class goes MTWRF from 9-12:45. I'm going to be so tired.

I've applied for some jobs. I really want one. I need one. But the unfortunate thing is that this class is right smack dab in the middle of summer. Who wants to hire someone who can't work for a whole month? I mean, I could work and take the class. But I already know I'm going to be exhausted after that class is over. Monday-Friday! It's going to wear me out.

So I think that if I don't get a job it'll still be ok. That just means I'll have more time to focus on the banjo and get events organized for the youth group this summer. That probably also means I can go to camp with them again.

I'll have money. I have a savings account, that I don't really like to tap into, but I could. In the fall I'll have the RA job, adding a sweet $680.00 a month to my checking account. So if I use money out of my savings this summer, I can replace it easily when I get my first check.

I am happy to be home, but I am going to miss everyone SO badly. I'm going to miss Tanya, Joanna, Daryl, and Cecily pretty badly because they're all either graduating or transferring. As for my other good buddies, I'll miss them. But I'll have many opportunities to see them all this summer. So it'll be alright. I just hate meeting people, growing to love them, and then losing them right as I appreciate their friendships the most. :( I'll see them all again, eventually. Even if I have to fly to Canada!!

I think that's all I can come up with for now.

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  1. Alli, I'm only a short plane flight away! You already have a passport, so I really expect you to come and visit me.

    Thanks for all the silly times we had together, and the use of your pineapple...what was up with my face that night? Weird.

    I expect to hear great things from you, and send me a video of you playing the banjo.

    Keep in touch...

    Love Tanya