Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mr. Special

I've been writing this paper for one of my English classes, and I realized, "It's been awhile since you've taken a break. Why don't you blog?" Ok.

I have seen the man of my dreams! He is real, he is alive, and he isn't a dork. He's real living flesh and blood, but the only problem is that I've never met him. THAT'S OK though. I will... maybe. It's entirely possible.

The way I'm looking at this is that its my turn now. I've been waiting, almost for forever. I'll be 21 in September. I told Mary Sue that if I didn't have a boyfriend, or any possibilities by the end of the next fall semester, I'll turn gay. It will be an overnight thing, too. I'm sure of it. I'll wake up and like girls.

Sometimes I really do look at myself and go "what's wrong with me?" (and here's when all my friends go, 'oh alli, there's nothing wrong with you. They are the ones who have problems'. And by "they" you mean the boys that aren't interested.) I'm not actually saying, "I have so many physical flaws and moral failures and terrible personality traits that nobody wants to date me", I'm saying, "I think I'm wearing boy repelent". I want to know who makes it. And I want it to be discontinued from production.

I'm going to eat this cupcake.

I went to my fridge to get milk, and I saw a can of coke. So I'm eating mini cupcakes and drinking coca-cola. Life is pretty good at the moment.

I really do remember actually feeling that way though. That there was something really wrong with me. But, I know I'm fearfully and wonderfully made. So its not really something thats wrong with me, its that I'm so special that nobody can match me. Someday I'll meet Mr. Special.

That's really been the only thing on my mind lately.
It just happens to effect everything I do.
I can't sleep, I can't concentrate. I don't want to go to classes.
It just comes in various forms at various times and I stop to think about it in different ways.
Oh. sorry.
That's right. Now where was I?
This has been a good blog post. It is lengthy enough that it seems that I've put time and effort into its production. I find it somewhat humorous. I took a break from my paper, and now I feel a bit more rested.

The 8 o'clock bell just tolled. It's time to go.

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  1. I love your multiple personalities. Say "Hi" to them for me. Keep up the good work, the end is 'nigh! I got my Genetics paper finished...hurray for me! One down about 5 more to 'bout you?
    Talk to you soon...